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Assembly Drawings


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Assembly Drawings

Mechanical assembly drawings show how all multi-component parts will fit together in the project and are usually depicted as one or more orthographic projection. STCPL offers every possible capability and development to expand on the client’s mechanical products by providing the most excellent mechanical assembly drawing services.

A wide array of assembly drawings and designs can be provided by the STCPL team. As part of the Assembly Drawing services the STCPL MEP Engineering team provides services of design assembly drawings, common assembly, detail assembly, erection, sub-assembly and pictographic assembly drawing. One or more full parts segment view is frequently used in assembly drawings to demonstrate essential interior features.

STCPL assembly drawing service benefits include:

  • All output files are re-writable while the original files are kept safe
  • The drawings are depicted in separate layers as dimensions, body, text and hidden lines among others.
  • Text is separated as layers as per universal rules.
  • Sizes depicted are integral and defined as separate layers.
  • Blocks are used for different entity levels

Assembly drawing provided at STCPL usually includes a list of the parts with detailed drawings in output format thus making them easily convertible to full editable mechanical drawing formats.

If you need full support and/ or wish to make an inquiry for specific requirement of assembly drawings and design we welcome you to fill the inquiry form or Contact Us as info@ShethTechnoConsultant.com